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Panel houses – a fast and inexpensive way to make the dream of your own home come true!



Wooden panel houses, which are popular in Germany and Scandinavian countries, also find their admirers in Lithuania. These houses are of high-quality, quickly-built and relatively inexpensive. We produce panel walls, roofs and floors using natural materials in a manufacturing plant, and then assemble the house as constructor parts at the construction site.


Read more about how we build panel houses in TECHNOLOGIES.


You will prefer the panel house because it features the following:
  • High-quality. We manufacture all panel house structures indoors. This allows us to use special equipment, to supervise the manufacturing process, and to control the product storage conditions. The structures are not affected by the weather conditions. Thus high-quality is achieved.
  • Quick-built. We can build a panel house in one month: we manufacture the house structures in the plant within 2 weeks, we assemble the house at the construction site in 1-2 days, and it takes up to 2 weeks to finish the building – roofing, installation of facade joints, etc. This is the fastest way to build a house.
  • Safe.  A properly built panel house meets all fire safety requirements. We impregnate wooden constructions with special refractory materials. After such processing, they become even safer than metal constructions.
  • Warm. The panel house walls are made of wood. For their insulation special heat absorbing and sound proofing materials are used. We hermetically seal all the seams, window- and door-openings. Selecting the appropriate materials the panel house may be warmer than the brick house.
  • Economical. In terms of energy efficiency panel houses are classified as Class A houses. They comply with all the energy consumption and other energy efficiency rates specified in the Technical Construction Regulation. When building panel houses we ensure that the house is warm, the heat loss is eliminated, and the heating costs are especially low.
  • Durable. The panel house can last for more than 100 years. It does not require complicated repairs or serious maintenance. It is enough to repaint the walls of the house once in 2-3 years and you will enjoy your house for a very long time.
  • Inexpensive. Using the latest technologies we can build a panel house inexpensively and quickly. This house is affordable even for the middle-income earners.
  • Attractive. Although it is made of wood, the panel house does not necessarily have to look plain. It can be plastered, decorated with clinker tiles or any other finish materials. Such a house will fit for anyone’s taste.
  • Natural. When constructing panel houses we try to use the most natural and eco-friendly materials. Moreover, the use of this technology leaves little construction waste, which results in less nature pollution.

We will build a panel house according to your individual design or our various template projects.


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The designed and factory-assembled wall frameworks will be safely transported to the construction site, attached to the laid foundation and assembled from the manufactured wall panels to a panel house.



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Since this production process requires less time and human resources, the frame-panel house will cost you a lot less than a brick house. Moreover, we will build a frame-panel house in a few months. So the period of time from your dream to a housewarming party will be very short.





EKOMEDIS professionals have a long-term experience in manufacturing frame-panel houses, garden houses, saunas, homesteads, garages and other wooden structures. We use high-quality materials and adhere to advanced and time-tested construction technologies.



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