Timbered houses had been built in this area yet more than thousand years ago. During this time our ancestors, as well as Russians and Scandinavians, have developed a lot of various construction technologies, and have created a wide range of different types of timbered houses.

Because the perfect architectural precision and design trends of XXI century interlaced with ancestors’ long-lasting experience, timbered houses are very popular and still are very loved by many people.

If you are thinking about timbered house, please apply to EKOMEDIS. We consolidate the competent builders, who have more than 10 years of experience of framed and timbered houses’ building. Our theoretical and practical knowledge are steadily deepened not only at the building constructions, but thanks to exhibitions, conferences, workshops and cooperation with foreign partners, too.

A few advantages of timbered houses:

Timbered houses are ecological. Because building material wood is a natural excavation that does not pollute environment and encourages people of all ages very well through its naturalness.

Timbered houses treat respiratory tract, because the resin of timbers (especially of fir or pine) improves breathing and air in the room.

Timbered houses improve emotional health. The color and natural composition of wood have a positive effect on human consciousness and the unconscious: relax, make happy, and give inner peace.

Our timbered houses are durable. The builders of EKOMEDIS know how to build a durable timbered house correctly. Properly maintained, it will remain even for centuries! This is insured by modern construction technologies and durable natural material - wood.

Our built timbered houses are of big  heat capacity. This gives them a strong advantage compared to brick houses. The walls of last houses are always cold, no matter, how well the house is insulated. Such a significant internal room’s and wall’s temperature variation leads to the formation of moisture. Timbered houses homes have better heat capacity and excess moisture accumulation, and this process will be much slower.

Here are only few advantages of timbered houses. For more information please contact professionals  of EKOMEDIS and you will get the answers to your questions about timbered houses.

Our timbered houses built:


Karkasinių-skydinių namų projektai

Karkasinis namas 85-40

  Grįžti prie projektų   Namas EKO 85-40 Ekonomiškas, jaukus  vieno aukšto su mansarda skydinis gyvenamas namas. Idealiai tinkantis 3-5 asmenų šeimai. Statant soduose statybos...

Skydinis Karkasinis namas EKO 85

  Grįžti prie projektų   Namas EKO 85 Ekonomiškas, jaukus, nedidelis vieno aukšto skydinis namas. Idealiai tinkantis 3 - 4 asmenų šeimai. Pritaikytas gyvenimui ištisus metus...

Modernus skydinis namas EKO 130m2

Grįžti prie projektų   Projektas EKO 130-plokščiu stogu       {gallery}modernus skydinis 130m2 namas{/gallery}  

Modernus skydinis namas EKO 130m2 su k…

Grįžti prie projektų   Projektas EKO 130-plokščiu stogu     {gallery}modernus skydinis namas 130m2 su klinkeriu{/gallery}  

Skydinių namų kainos

Grįžti prie projektų   NAMO PROJEKTAS EKO 80 ekonomiškas   Tai nedidelis , jaukus, nebrangus, protingai išdėstytas 80m2 karkasinis - skydinis  namas, skirtas gyventi...

Modernus skydinis karkasinis namas Giedr…

Grįžti prie projektų   NAMO PROJEKTAS EKO 80 Giedrius   Tai nedidelis , jaukus, nebrangus, protingai išdėstytas 80m2 karkasinis  namas, skirtas gyventi 3-4 asmenų...

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